If you were wondering that how to start your programming career from the scratch maybe this article might help you:

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Back to the late 90’s and  beginning of 20’s there where less resources as nowadays. You must feel lucky about this. Leaning a new technology is not a big deal now. I am sharing few platforms where you can Learn, Implement and Share your programming skills.

  1. Online Video Tutorials: 

Studies shows that it’s better to grasp concepts more easily via visual learning than reading or listening only. So I will share popular and productive platforms where you can master your desired skills.

              i) Udemy

              ii) Coursera

            iii) edX

           iv) BitDegree

You can find your own best possible videos by searching them online and if you are interested in free video lectures you can check various playlists on YouTube if you want me to suggest one feel free to ask in comments.

2. Online Forums/Lectures

Although you got visual teaching but now its time to boots up. Watching videos over and overs can sometimes be annoying can can waste time. To speed-up thing there are few portals that will definitely help:

  1. w3schools
  2. TutoralsPoint
  3. JavaTpoint

3. StackOverFlow

If you wanna be a die hard coder http://stackoverflow.comstackoverflow web site is where you’re going to spend your time. This is getting interesting as when you start practising programming you will surely get hell lot of Error and they can be annoying, they might even let you down but believe be “Good Things Takes Time”.

         This website has millions of questions/problems already asked and solved. So if you encounter any coding related problem make use of this web site. just in case if your question is not mentioned you can ask there and other developers form the world will help you to troubleshoot your problem ASAP

Post Tip: When you grasp all the concepts start interacting on stackoverflow to answer other programmers question. “Believe in art of Giving” 🙂 

4. Google

Using google normally is one thing but finding solutions to non existing problems as a developer is other. Using Google to shoot your error is a skill within. eg, if you got an error instead of writing whole problem query in google just copy/paste “Error Codes” this will save your lots of time.

I hope this article might help you 🙂


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